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If you have lost someone close to you to suicide, this will be a very painful and confusing time and you may experience a range of feelings including deep sadness, depression, and sometimes anger and rage about somebody's decision to take their own life.

It's important to acknowledge and accept that the feelings you experience, and which can come up at different times, are a natural reaction to the suicide of someone who was close to you. It is also critical to acknowledge that it is a time not only of grieving and loss but it is also moving on to a point of recovery for you and your family and those others who were close to that person who has taken their own life.

During this time, it is also helpful to have loved ones and caring people around you. Face to face support is also available by talking to your doctor or a health care worker at an Aboriginal Medical Service or health clinic in your community.

You can also call one of the crisis numbers on the side of this page to speak with someone at any time.

There are a variety of resources on this page, mostly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific, about grief and loss, and includes information on how to help children. The range of resources includes booklets, videos and links that you may find useful.

Information and Support Pack for those bereaved by suicide or other sudden death.

Supporting Children after suicide

Information for parents and other care givers. Twenty six page booklet published by Mental Health Association NSW

Managing tough times: Suggestions for families and staff

Two page information booklet published by KidsMatter Early Childhood

Coping with sorrow, loss and grief

Self-help resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Six page booklet published by Lifeline Information Service

Grief and Loss – Help for Aboriginal people going through grief

Sixteen page booklet published by the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Inc.

When telling a child about a suicide

Yarning After a Suicide

Grief and Loss

Four page fact sheet published by beyondblue

Grief and loss [PDF, 1.8 MB]
Updated 12 Jun 2017

Indigenous Parents and Carers: How might trauma, loss and grief affect your bub?

Suicide and Mental Illness in the Media

Indigenous Quick Reference Card developed for use by Indigenous Organisations when talking to the media about suicide.